The Wild Man of the North

Ever since he was a young boy, the farmer, teacher, poet and musician Jimmy Øvredal has lived in between reality and mythology. Jimmy has spent his entire life in the valley Øvredal in Os county in the western part of Norway. It is a beautiful little village, following the valley floor towards Svinningen, the highest mountain in the area. Four farms lie between the majestic mountains that rise towards the heavens on each side.

In this kingdom he lives close to nature and the creatures of Norwegian folklore – as many Norwegians used to in the olden days.

Jimmy uses both his physical and spiritual senses, and interprets Mother Nature’s signs every day. He gets up in the morning and steps out onto his porch to listen to the birds and the wind – to “read nature” – instead of reading news on Facebook, Twitter and other media. He pets the trees he meets on his path towards his mountain cabin, and he talks to the raven flying over his head and the Nix in the pond. Is Jimmy merely an eccentric, or has he understood something essential about our connection to nature? Could it be that the rest of the world has gone mad, while Jimmy has found the secret to a happy life?


TITLE: The Wild Man of the North

DURATION: 58/70 minutes


RELEASE DATE: Spring 2019

AVAILABLE TERRITORIES: All except Norway, where NRK has the rights.

LANGUAGE: Norwegian, English subtitles

DIRECTOR: Frode Fimland

PRODUCER: Elisabeth Kleppe